Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) is an established treatment for patients suffering from kidney failure. With PD, metabolic waste products and excess water are removed from the body, replacing the function of diseased kidneys.

PD can be performed by the patients themselves,
at home or at work. This considerably improves mobility and quality of life for the patients. It also makes PD less costly for payors than hemo-dialysis (HD), where patients are required to visit an HD center three times a week for several hours.

However, existing technology limits the use of PD: Current PD solutions rely on substances such as highly concentrated sugars to achieve the blood cleansing effect. These substances inevitably damage the cells in the patient’s abdomen, leading to complications such as peritonitis and peritoneal membrane failure.

This limits the time for which PD currently can be applied and is a major reason why today 90 percent of dialysis patients are treated with HD.

PD-protec® is being developed to overcome these limitations.